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Bored At Work? Sometimes You Just Can’t Hide It

The YouTube video of the pirouetting guardsman at Buckingham Palace is a perfect example of someone bored in their job.

So what should happen?  While the most obvious answer would be to sack them there are other options:

1. Talk AND Listen To Them

In my years in HR, it was never the case that people did something without some form of reason.  Finding out what is motivating people to behave in inappropriate ways is the first step to them being willing to accept responsibility.  Now, it may not work in every situation but, at least by having a conversation it can stop the situation getting blown out of proportion or being repeated.

2. Acknowledge The Boredom

Boredom at work is something we think we can hide.  I remember being told by a new colleague on her first day that she could see I was bored in my job.  I was shocked both that she told me to my face and, that others I worked with had not.  Only the best of actors get away with hiding their boredom in the job and, whilst it will not necessarily result in you being caught on video, it can still show up to critical levels that could damage your professional and personal life.

3. Consider Your Options

Incidents like this typically bring things to a head in the workplace. Denial is no longer an option.  Find someone you can trust to give you sound advice on what you can do, what your strengths are.  Typically, people will turn to their family and friends, only bringing things up with their boss at the dreaded annual appraisal – and only if their line manager has the courage/pressure to challenge the behaviour.  Career planning is vital in a regularly changing workplace.

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