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Here's what previous clients have had to say about using our professional career change services:

Alex had spent several years studying personal development techniques. Following redundancy from his role in the IT industry, Alex set his mind on launching his own coaching practice. A friend recommended he contact me to help him overcome his fears about getting started.

“Thank you for your generosity and for taking a stand for me. You have made a valuable contribution to me both through your direct, and strong, coaching, and also as an exemplar of what it is to be a great coach.”

Jacqui ran a successful consultancy business. She had the opportunity to pitch for a new contract that would make a major difference to her business. She was stuck as to how to present a winning proposal. She called me to generate some ideas.d.

“You have such a great gift for stimulating thought and making the things so clear”

Marion had lost her job, home and relationship in quick succession. Over several months we worked together to help restore her confidence and find a role that she really wanted.

“I think you have a wonderful gift in dealing and communicating with people and you are caring, honest and compassionate, very professional in your approach and you have the great ability to adapt very quickly and very well to every challenging problem that I brought into our sessions. Coaching people is the work you are born to do and I know that everyone, who chooses you for coaching will get the greatest benefit out of it, I certainly did.”

Chris was a senior level director within a financial services company. He was at a crossroads in his career and hired me to help him plan the next move. Whilst he planned, his company acted making him redundant. Working with me Chris was able to leave with sufficient confidence to build the future he wanted.

“In conclusion, I found coaching a positive experience. It helped me to clarify my thinking, identify priorities, achieve good results and feel better about what I was doing and myself. I would recommend coaching to anyone who would like to find out if professional support can help them to achieve more in their business and personal life.”

Jonathan had been unemployed for six months before he hired me. He felt he’d tried all he could to find a new job. His financial resources were dropping fast and he was beginning to feel the pressure of being the sole provider for his wife and young family. Within 2 months of working together, Jonathan found the role he really wanted.

“I think this would be a good opportunity to say how helpful you’ve been & how much I’ve enjoyed your coaching. It’s been a huge benefit in keeping me ‘on track’ over the last few months.

Coaching is a great concept & something you do really well. … I’m very glad I picked you. It’s such a marvellous feeling that everything is working out now & life has suddenly taken on a different perspective.”

Giancarlo had been working in the family business for several years. He knew his passion lay in training to become a therapist. He felt both afraid and guilty about telling his family of his career plans but he knew it was what he wanted. He and I developed and rehearsed how he would tell his family

“The results I achieved after talking to you that morning are amazing. My girlfriend came to dinner with us, and she couldn’t believe that I already told them I was leaving the company. She was expecting some sorrow, some sadness, or at least a bad atmosphere. On the contrary (and I still hardly believe it!!) they accepted the situation and we started making constructive plans for the future of the business. My girlfriend thought she was having dinner with a sort of “Coca-Cola family”, everybody so happy and motivated. It’s amazing!! In other words, my decision didn’t appear to be a heavy burden for them as I was expecting it to be. They accepted it and I realize that their ultimate goal is my happiness, of course.”

Tariq had been struggling against company politics for several years. He felt it had stopped him getting promoted. He worked with me for 6 months. A month after we finished the coaching he was promoted.

“You had a major share in my success. Thank you for your support and coaching.”