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Healthy Workload Boundaries

“Healthy boundaries are flexible enough that we can choose what to let in and what to keep out.”

Anne Katherine

You know what it’s like when you ask some friends or colleagues how work’s going. Even as you ask you know the reply is going to be “Overworked and underpaid.”  It’s an often used phrase, perhaps even by you.   Today what I’d like you to do is take a look at your workload and ask yourself these questions

  1. How would you describe your workload now: Too little? Too much? or Just right?
  2. What percentage of this is down to you, colleagues, clients (internal/external), your boss and you – place a percentage on each out of a total 100%.
  3. Based on your responses what can you do to either maintain or change the situation?

Note that if you find yourself saying, “Well it depends.” write down what the factors are that things depend on, then ask Question 3 again.

Use this as a regular check-in.


Because it helps you manage your boundaries, workload and become aware of what needs to be in place to keep your workload manageable.

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