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The Finding A Better Job 3 Month Programme

Finding a better job, a job that plays to your strengths, a job that gives you a sense of meaning and purpose, can be challenging when you are job searching alone. Identifying what job would suit you best, establishing what is the most effective way to go about job searching, creating a compelling CV, learning how to handle job boards, recruiters and job interviews effectively are key elements in finding the job that's right for you.

You could be at the point where want, no need to change a job, for the benefit of your bank balance, well being, growth or all three.

You have been trying to do it on your own with no luck. The advice from friends and family has been a mixed bag of well meaning advice and concern that you are job searching. The information you have found online has not moved you along either.

You have realised it is time to get professional help which is why you are here now

So what can you expect from working together to get your job search back on track with the necessary confidence, focus and momentum needed?

We will create a job search pathway including:

  • Target roles
  • Preferred companies
  • Ideal locations


  • Desired salary

It will also include:

  • a review of your career successes and learnings
  • identifying what's currently going right in your job search
  • building a job search strategy that plays to your strengths and puts you in a position where companies contact you
  • personally guiding you through the creation or development of an impactful CV and LinkedIn profile - including hands on support
  • how to network in your desired sector
  • enabling you to present yourself effectively in interviews through interview practice
  • negotiating offers with confidence through practical guidance
  • laying the foundations to start the first 90 days of a new role successfully

Your job search action planning will give you a clear set steps to put you in control of deal with every stage of job search including, how to recover from setbacks and drops in motivation.

All of this, and the ability to draw on over twenty years of experience in the HR, recruitment and executive search fields helping people in a similar position to you make their job searches more productive.

Here's  what clients have had to say about how working together aided their job search success:

"After each conversation with Amechi, I always felt pumped!
Amechi was with me every step of the way and continued to be beyond my new role. Amechi is a Zen Master at allowing the person to "Find the Answer from within." His thought provoking, candid approach guided me from previous tactics to a more modern, stylish methodology that included a wide-range of tools to which I had not been privy. Truly, no one better at identifying skills and creating an awareness with his clients."

Jim Perkins, Executive VP International Development & Support

"I had the pleasure of using Amechi's Executive CV and LinkedIn profile writing services just recently, and within about a month I landed a job offer, which I have accepted. I found Amechi to be extremely professional and his support and guidance went beyond just the immediate service to which he was contracted - he took time to offer advice over the telephone on how the recruitment industry works and offered strategies to navigate my way for best results."

David Nolan, Corporate Portfolio Office Manager

"Thank you so much for your help, guidance, assistance and thought provoking conversation over recent weeks. I have found the sessions very useful and your personal coaching has helped me immensely. I now know how I can use this knowledge to help me in the future and accomplish success in my new role and future endeavours."

Gavin Burfield, Project Manager

If you would like to find the job that's right for you with clarity and confidence schedule a call using the button below to establish your current situation, the obstacles in the way of finding the job right for you and to determine the most helpful way to move forward.

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