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Don’t Stop Your Executive Job Search Now

You only stop your executive job search over Christmas and New Year if...

  1. You believe all executive job boards and social media grind to a halt on the stroke of midnight on Christmas Eve and don't start again until January 2nd.
  2. You are only looking for executive jobs via print media - newspapers and magazines - which get painfully thin at this time.
  3. You think companies won't hire executives in December to start in January

In my 25 years in HR and executive search, it was true that visible vacancies reduced and the job market slowed down around this time. But it did not stop!!! Then, and now, companies still recruit leading up to Christmas and through to the New Year.

Recruiters wanted candidates in a post or at least to have signed contracts to start in January, so they could make their December targets. At the same time, companies wanted recruitment process complete so they could have a clean start to the New Year.

These factors have not changed, if anything, they have become more pressing.

  • Social media means the recruitment process is on 24/7/365.
  • Remote working means recruiters, talent managers and HR administrators can check on applications from their mobile devices and computers without being in the office.
  • Virtual interview tools like HireVue mean interviews get set-up and completed outside of office hours.

January is typically the busiest month for job boards, recruitment firms and within companies. This means just one thing: increased competition for jobs.

Get ahead of the competition.

Create the best path to connect your talents, skills and expertise to organisations that need them.

Arrange your job search strategy consultation now.


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