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How To Improve Your Career Without Leaving Your Company

Some tips on this site have been aimed at restoring your energy and enthusiasm for your career and your job. It can feel like you’re trapped in your current role with the only option being to quit – with or without a new job to go to.  But wait, you do have other options:

  • Seek out an internal promotion – if you are happy with the company but need more of a stretch in your job, going for an internal promotion can offer just the right challenge.
  • Take up further development or training – undertaking further training or development can really boost your confidence and knowledge.  Whether you take up something focused on your job or your personal interests, it can be a great stimulus.  If you think you are too experienced or skilled to take another course aim to deliver or assist on it instead.  This will give you an alternative perspective and open you up to learning from the group.
  • Go on secondment – secondments are a useful way to enhance your learning in a different environment with the security (in most situations) of being able to return to your job at the end.
  • Take a sabbatical – time out from work to explore something completely different can be a great way to move your career forward and reassess your priorities.
  • Volunteer – this can bring a deeper sense of meaning to your work.  You can do this as part of your job or in addition.  How you do it is up to you.  For some people doing something that draws on their current skills or knowledge makes sense, whilst others enjoy giving their time doing something completely different.  Again it’s a great chance to extend your skills, knowledge, and experience whilst giving back.

So which of these appeals to you most?  Which one gets you excited? Take some time out over the weekend and reflect on what the best option for you could be.

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