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Do You Practice TLC?

“Health is wealth”



Did you get enough sleep?  Did what you had for breakfast keep you satisfied until lunch? When did you turn off your tablet/mobile phone last? Does the shortening of the days affect your mood?

I’d like to share a tip that you have often heard but may have overlooked in relation to changing your career without quitting your job:  Give yourself some TLC.

Your mind, body, and thoughts need to be functioning well.  That means resting them, feeding them well and generally taking care of them.  Not taking care of each and everyone one of these can, and often does result in other parts overcompensating and eventually failing.  Worse still, in work environments where you are in close proximity to others, if you are not feeling at your best there’s more chance of picking up bugs, unhelpful behaviours or attitudes.

Okay, in case you were thinking that I was going to recommend green juices, protein shakes, spinning classes and a couple of doses of yoga you’ve no need to worry.  Instead, what I would like you to do is simply pay attention to your energy levels throughout the day.  Note when you feel at your most energetic. Explore what was happening to create this feeling:

  • how much sleep and the type of sleep you are having;
  • how little or much coffee you are drinking and when;
  • the ease of your journey to and from work;
  • the meals you are having;
  • the kinds of TV and online information you are taking in.

If you want to be able to function better at work you need to take the best care possible for yourself.


Because this will help you establish if what you currently think about your work is, in part made worse by how you are taking care of yourself.

PS – when I worked in the NHS, one of the saddest parts of my job was taking people through the ill health retirement process.  Although old-fashioned working practices were certainly a contributory factor, the habit of self-sacrifice to the point where it was physically and psychologically damaging was also a factor.  Give yourself some TLC – tender, loving, care, today and every day.

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