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What Do You Love About Your Job?

We spend a third of our lives going to work.  For some, it’s a labour of love.  For others a labour of loathing.  For many of us that have or are experiencing the latter, a new job offers the chance to start again somewhere new.  However,  for whatever reason, most people don’t make the change.  Worse still they have no way of making their job any better which results in more frustration, anger and disappointment.  So how can you start to break this cycle?  Over the next seven days, I am going to share with you some practical, easy to action steps that will help you change your career without quitting your job.

Take a moment to find one thing you love about your job.  Write it down. Repeat this each day for the remainder of this week.  As you add to the list reflect back on what you wrote the day before.


This will help you reshape how you think and feel about your work.

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Amechi Udo has over 25 years experience of helping midlife professionals like you bring an end to career boredom, job search frustration, and career direction confusion through coaching, training and speaking.

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