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Bored At Work? Sometimes You Just Can’t Hide It

The YouTube video of the pirouetting guardsman at Buckingham Palace is a perfect example of someone bored in their job. So what should happen?  While the most obvious answer would be to sack them there are other options: 1. Talk AND Listen To Them In my years in HR, it was never the case that people did something without some form of reason.  Finding out what is motivating people to b...
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Are you alone in your Career?

"It's not the plan that is important, it's the planning.” Graeme Edwards Making your way in your career is seldom a solo experience,  It often takes the help of from a mentor, sponsors or a coach.  Who have you selected to guide you through your own career journey?  What do you feel they can help you most with  - networking, acting as a role model, or giving you pointers on the best way to move t...
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Are you a Lifelong Learner?

I recently heard on the radio about a woman who used her commute as the basis for starting a Master's degree.  Separate recent studies by the TUC and recruitment firm Randstad show a significant rise in the time and distance people commute. How can you turn this to your advantage? First, consider why you want to learn?  A pure love of learning? Build skills or knowledge for a current role?  As a ...
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How Do You Face Career Challenges?

Clearly, we face challenges in our careers.  The challenge, once these have been dealt with, is whether we learn from them or repeat them.  Whether we allow our behaviour to be dictated by them or take steps to move beyond them. As an HR Manager I remember one of my team - let call him Bob - complaining about a work-related issue.  He played a key role in the department and, over time he had seem...
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How To Change Career Without Quitting Your Job – Day 10

  Today's Tip Yesterday we talked about being able to stop when our work seems to be about to overwhelm us, taking the time to reflect on whether we are working at an optimum.  Today I'd like to look at the flipside of this, being underemployed. Step 1 - Make a list of your key work-related skills, talents  and, abilities Step 2 - List the key skills, talents, and abilities of you...
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