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Are you a Lifelong Learner?

I recently heard on the radio about a woman who used her commute as the basis for starting a Master's degree.  Separate recent studies by the TUC and recruitment firm Randstad show a significant rise in the time and distance people commute. How can you turn this to your advantage? First, consider why you want to learn?  A pure love of learning? Build skills or knowledge for a current role?  As a ...
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Do you have a ‘lucky’ mindset?

A few years ago when I was getting started in career coaching, I took a part-time job in an HR department in an NHS Trust on the edge of London.  I was really keen to be out there coaching and the part-time job seemed to be a barrier to this. Yes, I was grateful because it was giving much-needed money to feed and clothe myself, it was just that it wasn't coaching. My seat was right next to the fa...
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3 Questions You Must Answer For A Positive Career Change

Questions, questions questions.  I have three questions for you: What do you want in your career? Why do you want it? Today did you move closer or further away for your aim? Why? Because answering or at least considering these questions will help you pay conscious attention to your career and the actions you can take to move it in your desired direction. Bonus Tip: If you do not have answers to ...
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How Do You Face Career Challenges?

Clearly, we face challenges in our careers.  The challenge, once these have been dealt with, is whether we learn from them or repeat them.  Whether we allow our behaviour to be dictated by them or take steps to move beyond them. As an HR Manager I remember one of my team - let call him Bob - complaining about a work-related issue.  He played a key role in the department and, over time he had seem...
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How To Change Career Without Quitting Your Job – Day 10

  Today's Tip Yesterday we talked about being able to stop when our work seems to be about to overwhelm us, taking the time to reflect on whether we are working at an optimum.  Today I'd like to look at the flipside of this, being underemployed. Step 1 - Make a list of your key work-related skills, talents  and, abilities Step 2 - List the key skills, talents, and abilities of you...
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Are You Living To Work?

Now is a good time to take stock and evaluate some key factors.  The first of these lies at the heart of your motivation: Are you currently: Living to work? Or Working to live? Why? Understanding this will clarify your focus and direct your energies better.  If you currently live to work then you are more inclined to identify with your work and, therefore, be sensitive to when this is in lin...
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How To Improve Your Career Without Leaving Your Company

Some tips on this site have been aimed at restoring your energy and enthusiasm for your career and your job. It can feel like you're trapped in your current role with the only option being to quit - with or without a new job to go to.  But wait, you do have other options: Seek out an internal promotion - if you are happy with the company but need more of a stretch in your job, going for an inte...
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What Are Your Top 5 Talents?

It's easy to lose sight of what a talented and gifted person you are.  Part of your frustrations at work can be that you're not using your talents in the best ways possible for you and your employer.  Now is a good time to take stock of your talents and skills. Why? Recalling and recording what we're good at boosts our self-esteem and self-confidence.  Building your self-belief also strengthens ...
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Workplace Relationships- Who Are Your Favourites?

Happiness work
Take a moment.  Think about 5 people you enjoy spending time with at work.  Now write down their names  Decide to make time with one of them each day – having lunch, sharing a coffee or having a drink after work. One word of warning: this is about enjoying being in their company, listening, learning, laughing. If you can’t think of five people pick one or two from your list to do this twice with...
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What Do You Love About Your Job?

We spend a third of our lives going to work.  For some, it’s a labour of love.  For others a labour of loathing.  For many of us that have or are experiencing the latter, a new job offers the chance to start again somewhere new.  However,  for whatever reason, most people don’t make the change.  Worse still they have no way of making their job any better which results in more frustration, ange...
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